Q: Why should I choose the length of my booking when I am placing an order?
A: We offer discounts for boxes stored for longer than six months and even more discounts for storage longer than twelve months.

Q: How do I get empty boxes?
A: We will deliver empty boxes to your door when you place an order.

Q: How many boxes can I request for?
A: As many as you would like.

Q: How many days will it take to deliver empty boxes?
A: From the date of your order we need 2 working days to prepare your order and deliver them to you.

Q: What is the Storage Date?
A: When making a booking you will need to choose a date from which we will be storing your goods. You need to consider that it will take us 2 days to organise and deliver the empty boxes to you and we can allow you up to 15 days to fill the boxes

Q: What if I want to order many boxes and I complete the packing in 15 days?
A: If you are ordering more than 10 boxes you can call us to make appropriate arrangements.

Q: What if I keep the empty boxes more than the determined days?
A: Your storage will be booked from the date you choose and you will be charged for the storage from that date, if you wish to despatch the boxes at a later date do please inform us in advance.

Q: Can I ask for more boxes when your van arrives?
A: Our vans do usually have some extra boxes and packing material and our drivers will be happy to help where they can.

Q: Do you provide help with the Packing?
A: We have a special packing service that includes all the packing material and a specialist to do all the packing.

Q: What dates must I choose if I select Packing Service?
A: We visit you once and our specialists will bring the boxes with them, pack and move to storage on the same day. So you just need to select the day you wish for the packing to occur.

Q: If I order boxes and later I decide I need help what should I do?
A: call us to arrange one of BoxTxi personnel to come and help you at a convenient date & time.

Q: Can I recover one or more of my boxes and resend back for storage?
A: You can always ask for one of more boxes to be delivered to you to recover things from. You can choose to resend the box to storage; for which a small charge will apply.

Q: Will my boxes get insurance?
A: Each of your boxes are covered by £250 insurance as standard. If you want a higher amount of insurance cover for any of your boxes, make sure that during your online booking you purchase the extra insurance.

Q: How much should I pay for extra insurance?
A: For EVERY £250 insurance coverage you need to pay £1 per month.

Q: Can I extend my booking?
A: Yes, you can extend at any time, discounts may apply depending on how long you wish to extend the storage for.

Q: Can I cancel an order?
A: Yes you can. Charges may apply depending on when you decide to cancel.

Q: What if I need any extra boxes or items, what should I do?
A: Call us to arrange the extra boxes for you or make a new order.

Q: I booked a date and time for my delivery, but I need to cancel/postpone it. What shall I do?
A: Call us as soon as possible to change the date/time for you.

Q: How long do I have to change the delivery date and time?
A: 2 working days before the chosen delivery date.

Q: Will I get charged if no one is available at my chosen address when the van arrives?
A: If a new delivery visit has to arrange, extra charges may apply. Please contact us as soon as your plan changes so we can re-arrange the schedules where possible.

Q: How can I retrieve my boxes?
A: Simply log in to your account, got to the box(es), select the one you want and retrieve it

Q: Can you pick up my goods from a third party like a courier?
A: Yes.

Q: Why do I need an account?
A: To keep track on your orders and the boxes/items you have stored with us. In your account you are able to manage your boxes, leave notes, attach pictures, renew your order, place a new order and many more things.