Bringing Storage
To Your Door

Bringing Storage To Your Door


Here some examples of where and why you can use BoxTxi

  • Save Costs

    Save Cost

    Save on your storage costs by only paying for what you need, whatsmore you also save time and money on transport

  • Need Extra Space

    Need to Make Extra Space

    We can pick up your goods in neat, clean numbered boxes and store them away until you need them back. You can list the contents with pictures and track each box.

  • Archiving

    Archiving of Personal and Business Documents

    Files and business documents are amongst items that you will need from time to time. Your personnel and business documents can be kept safe until required. We collect and retrieve your documents as many times as you need. We also schedule regular drop offs and pick ups

  • Moving


    We know moving can be a difficult time. We can assist by safely storing goods until you are ready to have them delivered to your new address.

  • Backups


    Do you want to keep your off-premises set of backup somewhere safe? Our boxes will keep your backups dry and safe until rainy day. We can also routine daily, weekly and monthly schedules

  • Need Help?

    Need Help

    Are you elderly or disabled or do you just need assistance? We offer a full packing service for your goods. Our team will help you pack your goods before taking them away for storage. Our team can also assist in listing inventory and photos before taking away.

  • Don't need car

    Don't Have a Car

    You don't need to have a car or lift a box to store your goods when you use our service.

  • Somewhere to receive

    Need Someone to Receive Your Goods

    We can arrange to pick up your goods from couriers, airports, stations, companies etc and send them off for storage until you need them delivered